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Answers to Most Common Questions:

What Undergraduate Programs are Available?

Use the Program Finder

What are the Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Admission requirements and averages for undergraduate programs will vary from year to year, depending on the applicant pool.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the education system they are following regardless of their country of residence or citizenship.

If your first language is not English, you may have to present proof of English facility

Find the minimum requirements here>.

Do I have to take an English Facility Test?

If your first language (the language you learned in your home as a child) is not English, you may need to provide proof of English proficiency. Detailed information about requirements, exemptions and English language tests and scores that we accept can be found on our English Language Requirements page.

How and When do I Apply?

Application and document deadlines vary depending on the program to which you are applying.

Not sure which application to fill out? Find the right application for you.

We encourage you to apply and submit documents well in advance of the published deadlines. Spaces fill quickly and programs may close before the published application deadlines.

We will send you an acknowlegement email with further instructions a week or two after you submit your completed application.

The University of Toronto operates on an academic year system rather than a semester or quarter system. It is not possible to begin studies in January.

Visit our To Do List for an overview of what you need to know in order to apply.

I Applied. What Happens Next? What if I Have Not Received an Acknowledgement from U of T?

If you successfully submit your application (including the application fee) by the appropriate deadline, you should receive a confirmation from the OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre), including your OUAC Reference Number(beginning with 2017-)

One to two weeks after you submit your application online:

  • We will send you an acknowledgement email to the email address on your application.
  • The acknowledgement email will include your U of T Applicant Number, JOINid, and instructions for accessing the Join U of T admissions website, where you can track the progress of your application and find helpful information through all the stages of your application.
  • Your OUAC Reference Number (emailed to you by the Ontario Universities' Application Centre)
  • To access your JOIN U of T applicant website, you must first enable your JOINid. Instructions on how to do this will be provided in the acknowledgement email.

If two weeks have passed and you still have not received an acknowlegement, please contact us to determine what the problem is. You may telephone us at 416-978-2190 (9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays., and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays). If you are unable to telephone us, you may email us at

I am having trouble enabling my JOINid / logging in to my Join U of T account.

Enabling Your JOINid

To access your Join U of T account, you have to enable your JOINid. Refer to the email acknowledgement U of T sent you for instructions. Here are some helpful hints:

  • You can log into the Join U of T account
  • You will need your JOINid and U of T Applicant NUmber(includced in your acknowledgement email from U of T)
  • You will need your OUAC Reference Number (emailed to you by the Ontario Universities' Application Centre)
  • You will have to input your date of birth

Trouble Logging In

Most login problems can be solved by reseting your JOINid password.

To reset your password, go to You will need the exact same information listed above.

If you continue experiencing problems, wait one or two business days before trying again. Sometimes, login and password reset issues may be due to interference by system maintenance.

How do I Submit Transcripts, Test Results and Other Documents?

Once you have received your acknowledgement email from the University of Toronto and enabled your U of T JOINid, you can log into your Join U of T admissions website to obtain application procedures and requirements, and track your application.

Do not submit extra documents; it will take longer to review your application if we receive duplicate documents, or extra documents that we do not need, but have to review.

Submitting Transcripts

  • 101 Applicants (current full-time Ontario High School applicants) will have their transcripts automatically submitted through the OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre).
  • Ontario university and college students must request that their transcripts be sent to U of T via OAUC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre). We DO NO accept paper trasncripts from Ontario universities and colleges.
  • Some non-101 Ontario High School students are able to request that their results be sent to U of T via OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre).
  • From elsewhere, transcripts must be sent electronically via Parchment. If your school does not use Parchment/Naviance, you may be able to upload your transcript through your Join U of T account. Official documents may be required at a later date.
  • If none of those options are available, arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly from the issuing institution, to the following address:

  • Enrolment Services
    University of Toronto
    172 St. George Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 0A3

    *Remember to include your U of T Applicant Number and/or OUAC Reference Number (starting with 2017-) on all coorespondence. If the name on your documents is not identical to the name on your OUAC application, they cannot be matched.

    Submitting IELTS Results

    • You must arrange for your results to be sent to us electroncially. When making the request, indicate that your scores should be sent to the "University of Toronto". You do not need to list the name of the specific U of T department or person.

    Submitting TOEFL Results

    • TOEFL results must be sent to U of T electronically. The Institution Code for sending TOEFL results to the University of Toronto is 0982-00.

    How do I change my address/email/telephone number?

      We do not accept changes via email. Allow at least one week for us to receive amendments made to your contact information.

    To verify or change your contact information, log into your Join U of T account and click on Check Status. You will be redirected to the appropriate link to make amendments.

    • If you applied on a 101 or 105 application, make changes online through your OUAC account.
    • If you are a U of T student, update your address through your ACORN
    • If you applied on any of our other undergraduate applications, you can either fill in the online form when you click Check Status on Join U of T, or you can send us a signed and dated letter with your request.

    I submitted my documents. Why is my file still incomplete?

    Track your application and check your status online through your Join U of T account.

    If you subitted all your documents:

    • Ensure that the system indicates that something was received
    • It takes several weeks to review your submissions. This is due to the high volume of documents we receive.
    • We appreciate your patience as we review your information and process your application.

    Can I Stay in Residence?

    On-campus housing is available for undergraduate students on all three campuses. U of T offers a variety of residence options. These include single-sex residences and co-ed residences. These are variations within the co-ed options.

    Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of a post-secondary program for the first time, provided that they have indicated their interest in residence by completing the Residence Guarantee by March 31st, and received and accepted an offer by June 1st.

    The University also operates a Student Housing Service which helps students find off-campus housing. For more information, please consult the appropriate website:

    University of Toronto, St. George Campus (

    University of Toronto Mississauga (

    University of Toronto Scarborough (

    Prospective students should indicate their interest in residence on their initial application for admission to the University of Toronto (submitted through the Ontario Universities Application Centre).

    Questions about Tuition Fees, Scholarships & Financial Aid

    What will it cost me to go to university?

    Tuition fees vary depending on the program to which you register and your status in Canada. Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants and Permanent Residents pay domestic tuition fees. International students must pay the international student fees unless they qualify for an International Fee Exemption.

    Am I eligible for any scholarships or other financial assistance?

    All high school applicants are considered automatically for entrance scholarships when they are being admitted. No separate application is required for most of these awards.

    Note that the values of scholarships awarded are rarely sufficient to cover all costs a student will incur while attending the University of Toronto. Students must ensure that they can arrange sufficient funds to be available to meet their educational and living costs.

    For detailed information about our scholarships, financial aid and bursary opportunities, visit Finances.

    I've applied and submitted my documents. When will I receive a decision about my application?

    101 Applicants

    Full-time, current Ontario high school applicants will receive a decision between late February and late May. Conditional offers of admission will be made based on final Grade 11 and interim and final Grade 12U/M marks.

    All other applicants to undergraduate degree studies:

    Decisions for arts, science and commerce/management programs are made on an ongoing basis. On average, it takes 6-8 weeks once your file in complete for a decision to be made, although it may take longer during busy periods.

    Check your application status online periodically by logging into your Join U of T account. We appreciate your patience as we review your information and process your application.

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